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Valerie Dittman, Unique Beauty Services

We don’t focus much on beauty around here at Pulse, but it’s sure not because we don’t like to get prettied up. For this People Pulse feature, I sat down with my all-time favorite nail technician so I could share her awesomeness with Pulse’s readers.

Q: We love Orlando, how long have you been here?
22 years!

Q: What are some of the things that make Orlando great for you?
Well, one of the biggest things is how dog-friendly the city is. I have a dog and there are so many great parks to take her to. And, in the years I’ve been here, Downtown Orlando has just gotten so much better. I’m also a big fan of College Park because of its small-town feel.

Q: How long have you been doing nails?
25 years!! I’ve only done one other thing in my life before I started doing this, and that was bartending.

Q: The nature of your business means changing salons from time to time, but you recently moved into a space at iStudio Salons which means you’re pretty much running your own ‘mini-salon’ now. How have things changed?
Now, I make my own rules. I have two rooms, one for nails and one for permanent makeup, and both were personally decorated by me which means I could let my personality shine through more so than ever before. Plus, I just love the concept. It’s basically the next step to owning something that’s exclusively mine.

Q: You’re much more than just a nail technician; you’re also a permanent makeup artist. What’s that like?
Well, I’ve had more than 1,000 hours of training and education by world-renown makeup artist, John Hashey. The state doesn’t require much, which is something most people don’t know, but I’ve gone above and beyond in terms of education.

Q: I’m curious, what is the most common request you get for permanent makeup?
I’d say most women want their eyebrows done, but eyeliner and lips are popular, too. Something I would love to do more of is aereola reconstruction because I’ve had so much education on that procedure. Overall, my philosophy is to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty.

Q: Moving away from work for a minute … when you’re not making Orlando beautiful, do you have a favorite place to go?
I love going to the different Farmer’s Markets around town, and I live on a lake, so I really enjoy spending time at home. There’s always something new opening up in town that it’s almost like you can try a new place every week if you wanted to.

Q: I wanted to feature you in People Pulse because I really appreciate the way you treat your clients … you really take time to build relationships which is something you don’t see in the strip mall, run-of-the-mill nail salons. Is that your overall philosophy for your business?
Yes; communication is the most important thing about what I do. I customize each visit based on what works for the individual and their lifestyle. Sometimes that means recommending gel polish over acrylics, a different product that might be less drying, or an organic product if being ‘green’ is important to a client. Plus, I attend a lot of the shows so I can scope out the latest products and trends.

Q:  In closing, what’s the one thing you’d like to leave Pulse’s readers with?
People should educate themselves on the services they’re getting. Especially when it comes to permanent makeup … do your research, make sure you go to someone you can trust. I do free consultations so people feel completely confident about what they’re having done. Remember, regardless of what you’re having done, it should accentuate your natural beauty.

Disclaimer: While Pulse’s Kim Taylor is a regular client of Unique Beauty Services, she received a complimentary full pedicure during her question & answer session.

2 thoughts on “People Pulse: Valerie Dittman

  1. I completeley agree that there is a great deal of awesomness when it come to Valerie Dittman. Not only is she one of the greatest people I know, she is passionate and dedicated to doing high-quality work. With these qualities, Valerie knocks the competittion out of the park! When you see her she gives you not only a taste of her perfection, but a genuine conversation. So when you leave you look and feel like you are worth a million bucks. I have had mani-pedis and my eyeliner done by Valerie. Definately the best quality nail experiences I have ever had. But my permanent eyeliner was the best decision I have ever made- cosmedically speaking. Whenever I am in town, I ALWAYS visit Valerie, because NO-ONE does it better!

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