The Abbey: Entertainment Venue in Downtown Orlando

I don’t know where I’ve been on this one, because I only just happened to stumble upon The Abbey yesterday while grabbing some lunch in Thornton Park. The Abbey is located on the bottom of The Sanctuary just south of Central Boulevard, and in addition to offering beer, wine and liquor, the venue holds a stage for live entertainment and performances.

Now, let me be clear in saying that I haven’t actually been inside The Abbey yet, but now that I’m aware it exists I’m looking forward to checking it out (good thing I was looking out because the front is so “barely there” I nearly overlooked it).

Here’s the exterior:

Location deets:

The Abbey
100 S. Eola Drive
Orlando, FL 32801


More info–including live events and happy hour deals–can be found on their website. You can also find out first-hand from folks who’ve been there by reading reviews on Yelp.

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