Nerdapalooza 2011: The Nerds Will Rock

Yup. You’re reading that correctly. There really is a Palooza just for nerds. Word….

I don’t know anything about the bands being featured (highlighted in the image above), but if you’re a self-proclaimed nerd chances are YOU do…and you’ve heard about this event. According to the event website, here’s what Nerdapalooza is all about:

Nerdapalooza is an annual music festival, the first of its kind to invite all genres of the nerd music movement under one roof, including nerd rock, nerdcore hip hop, chiptunes, and video game music. For the first time, this year’s Nerdapalooza will be a full nerd culture festival featuring both visual and digital artists from throughout Orlando and the world.”

Has your interest been piqued? Maybe some highlights from last year’s event will seal the deal:

Event is located at the Orlando Airport Marriott and is taking place next weekend, July 15th-17th. More info can be found at Nerdapalooza.org..

Do you plan on attending this year’s event? Or have you been to any Nerdapaloozas in the past?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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