Scissor Sisters Rock Hard Rock Live!

I had a last-minute opportunity last night to go to Hard Rock Live to experience Scissor Sisters perform. I’d actually been interested in seeing them since I found out they were bringing their live show to Orlando some time ago, but I just never got around to buying tickets – a friend of mine managed to score some free tickets* (woo hoo for FREE)!

Lemme just say if you’re ever in the mood to just “have fun” at a concert, this would be the one to catch! Pure light-hearted energy and enjoyment the entire time (except for the one woman who stood in front of me for the duration of the show, just standing there with her arms folded – what’s up with that?). Unfortunately cameras were not allowed in the venue and I’m still rockin’ the iPhone 3GS, so the photos I took weren’t the best. Sorry. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Promo Poster


If you’re not familiar, here’s one of Scissor Sisters’s more well-known songs:

* tickets were won on the radio, and were in no way provided or affiliated with the venue

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