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This is a guest post from our friend Veronique Conus.

I know you’re reading the title and you’re like, ‘alrighty, skipping this post…’


Let me tell you why you should attend Orlando’s awesome nerd-fest, MegaCon.

Top 3 Reasons:

  • Sweet artwork for cheap, and signed!
  • People-watching galore!
  • Awesome panels, Q&As and workshops!

Let’s get excited and watch the awesome commercial:

Yay, aren’t you completely excited!

No? Ok, first, know this, for $25, it’s well-worth a day of people-watching and the occasional celebrity spotting. While parking might be a bitch, it’s only 25 minutes of your entire day – ok, 50 minutes counting your departure. In any case, I don’t feel like I should have to convince you to go to next year’s MegaCon. If you like a good time, you’ll go! You don’t have to be into nerd culture – comicbooks, Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, cosplay, etc – but it helps! Individuals interested in more mainstream nerd culture, like Family Guy, Futurama, Fringe, V, art, videogaming, movie special effects, etc., will be at home, too!

We also decided we’d ONLY spend $100 while there. Now, last year, we didn’t buy ANYTHING, because you know, we didn’t want anybody pointing and saying NEEEERRRRDDSSSS! That was a huge mistake, we missed out on lots of unique artwork that was totally in our style and paid homage to some of our favorite movies and TV shows. This year, we picked up the following prints, from $5-$10 each. Hint: it’s best to buy your artwork at the END of the day, think last hour. The artists typically mark down a bunch of stuff, so they don’t have to leave with it. You can get prints and inked artwork that was originally $20-$50 for $5-10. A steal for nerds everywhere!

Freeze, Sucka!

There was even an Indie Film Expo, which featured:

Saturday highlights included awesome Q&A’s by extraordinary people, including legendary comicbook royalty Stan Lee, gremlin-spotting hottie 1960’s captain William Shatner, and the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Picture Show! Yeah, you are encouraged to SING with the show- squueeeeeaaa!!!!

You can view a full list of the MegaCon media guests here.
You can view a full list of the comicbook guest list here.

Sitting-in on the panels alone is worth your $25. You get to listen to industry vets wax intellectual on all kinds of topics like how to create your own special effects, how to find funding for your indie movie, and of course what some of your favorite movie/tv personalities have been up to.

For example, did you know that at 80 years old, William Shatner is probably the busiest person in the world!? He has a documentary in the works that he created, called “The Captains”, and it’s all about the individuals who have laid claim to the coveted Captain title in all the Star Trek shows. From interviews with himself (really) to the newest hottie to don the uniform, Chris Pine in 2009’s Star Trek, he has traveled the world (literally- Next Generation’s captain, the great Shakespearean actor, Patrick Stewart, lives in England!) to glean the most interesting stories and views from both the actors and their characters. Aside from that, he’s putting out a new album called Major Tom, where he’ll cover songs of the space orientation, such as Elton John’s Rocketman and The Steve Miller Band’s Space Cowboy. And, if THOSE two projects weren’t enough, he also just finished writing a book! I forget what it’s going to be called, but he promises it to be funny, insightful, and worth the wait (comes out in the fall). Oh, and of course you know he spends a lot of weekends traveling to conferences, when he isn’t filming the hit show !@#$ My Dad Says, the CBS tv show based on the popular Twitter account. Speaking of Twitter, if you’re following @WilliamShatner by now, you should be. Throw in @TheRealNimoy, too, for good Star Trek measure.

Storm Trooper Alert!

Oh, and even if you come alone, you can leave with a new friend! or lover! or future husband/wife! How is this possible, you ask? Well, because they set up speed dating during the convention! Yep, while you may have “been looking for love in Alderan places” (har har), nerd on nerd love is alive and well at MegaCon! I mean, admit it, you think those cutesy SuperMario wedding cakes are freaking adorable! Find a partner who shares your love for all things Mario and get your lovin’ on. Of course my camera died not 10 minutes after we got there, but just imagine any nerdy couple (Leia/Han, Superman’s parents, Leela/Fry, Star Trek officers, Storm Troopers, etc) you can, because we saw them ALL.

What did I get out of it? I can’t stress the people-watching enough, seriously. There is no other place you can see human versions of the Family Guy cast, a lifesize Bender from Futurama, entire wookie families, and of course, the WTF IS THAT moments. As my husband said, “there’s not shortage of cellulite and spandex at MegaCon!” Well said, Joel!

I think the absolute gem of the day, of course, was carrying around our 8-month old daughter, Evie, in her little Star Trek onesie. Welcome to MegaCon, baby!

Geek, Baby, Geek!

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