The Social Chameleon

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Before Tuesday night’s Marc Broussard show at The Plaza, I had a bite to eat at The Social Chameleon in Orlando’s “Milk District.” The Social Chameleon serves Tapas (small plates) with a menu that includes a variety of flat breads, hummus, salads, etc. They prefer to season food instead of salt it and opt for farm fresh and organic when available.

The restaurant is really cute, albeit small … with maybe 10-12 tables between the inside and outdoor dining. They share something in common with their counterpart, The Milk Bar, an incredible beer selection. I’m not sure it’s someplace I’d go if I was in a hurry, though, as there only appeared to be a single server the night we were there. Service not slow enough to keep you away, but not exactly super-attentive either.

Overall, I thought the place was really cute, the food was good and the beer selection was vast.  I’d definitely go back. Check out The Social Chameleon for yourself at 2406 E. Robinson Street, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

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