Marc Broussard – The Plaza ‘Live’ Theatre

Last night was full of firsts. Even though it was my fifth time seeing Marc Broussard, it was my very first show at Orlando’s Plaza Theatre.

The Plaza has been a part of Orlando’s footprint since the 60s when it opened as the city’s first two-screen movie theater. Then in the 90s, it was converted into a live music venue. The Plaza shows its age, but one huge advantage to seeing a show there … you feel like the artist is performing in your living room … or at least that’s how last night’s show felt.

Marc opened the show with fan-favorite “Rocksteady,” but quickly began introducing tracks from his latest EP which officially releases in June, but is available for purchase at all of his shows.

Speaking of which, if you bought the CD at last night’s show, you got to hang around after for an extra acoustic set. It was hands-down one of the coolest concert experiences ever. What’s better than standing just a few feet away from one of your favorite artists while they do their thing?!

There’s no official release date for the new EP yet, but check out Marc’s website for more info.

Up next, a post about The Social Chameleon in Orlando’s Milk District … last night’s other first.

2 thoughts on “Marc Broussard – The Plaza ‘Live’ Theatre

  1. Marc’s set at the Plaza was incredible. What charisma this kid has, and a fantastic voice! Loved the Plaza Live Theater. My first time there too. Damn, if I had known he was going to do another set I would have bought the CD too. I was with another couple who were in rush to get their car. Moral? Next time I drive.

    1. It was strange, Tony, because I was there with others who bought the CD but didn’t know about the extra set. I guess it was just serendipity. Glad you enjoyed the show…thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

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