New College Park Coffee House | Downtown Credo

Move over, Starbucks, Downtown Credo is where its at in College Park.

Actually, after my first visit to Downtown Credo for this month’s Indie Media Meetup I realized this is so much more than your typical coffee shop, and comparing it to Starbucks hardly does it justice.

Take, for instance, their cause: “the world is not yet as ought to be. Neither is Orlando. Neither am I.” … “The Downtown Credo is a concerted effort to make a difference.”

Their coffee is more than coffee, it’s coffee grown in Guatemala where growers are paid a living wage for their work. Pretty heavy stuff to ingest over a cup o’ joe.

Wanna learn more?  Me too.  Luckily, Downtown Credo is having A Commitment Breakfast March 10 between 8 and 9 a.m. You can get the details from their website.  See you there!

Downtown Credo
706 Smith Street
Orlando, FL 32804

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