Pine Twenty 2 in Downtown Orlando

After hearing much buzz about a new eatery that resides where The Black Olive used to be, I had to check out Pine Twenty 2. Word on the street has been that Pine Twenty has amazing burgers.

A friend of mine told me ahead of time about Pine Twenty 2’s ”build a burger” method, so I took a peek at their menu before heading over. I’m glad I did because the restaurant was both very busy and moved quickly. Patrons grab a menu when they walk through the door, and select their own burger (or sandwich), along with all the toppings:

Pine Twenty 2 "Build It Yourself" Menu

The dining area is very open, and quite light during the day (which I love) – one whole side of the restaurant is windows, facing Pine Street. It’s configured quite differently from The Black Olive.

Pine Twenty 2 Dining Room

As you can imagine, a “build it” menu offers countless options. For my first time I chose a basic burger with fries, and my lunch companion chose a BBQ sandwich on Texas toast. Mine was very, very good; my friend said theirs was really good, but a bit messy and they don’t think they’d order their sandwich again. One thing to keep in mind: Pine Twenty 2 prepares their burgers medium unless you note otherwise.

Pine Twenty 2 Angus Burger

Pine Twenty 2 BBQ Sandwich

Anytime an eatery is new I have to give them time to “find their way” and work out the kinks, so to speak. My one beef (ha ha ha) with Pine Twenty 2, is the pricing. Sure, I don’t mind paying for good food; however, I feel $13 + change is a bit steep for a burger, some fries and a soft drink. Maybe if I were at any upscale restaurant in the bigger city I could justify that, but given I could walk down the street to a number of other restaurants and get an equally delicious hamburger, I’m hoping Pine will adjust their prices a bit over time. What do you think?

Have you been to Pine Twenty 2 yet? Let us know what your experience was by leaving a comment, or a review on Yelp!

Location deets:

Pine Twenty 2
22 E Pine
Orlando, FL 32801

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