Shipyard Emporium Grand Opening and Beyond

UPDATE 11/04/13: Shipyard is now closed.

Sadly, neither of us were able to make it to the Shipyard Emporium Grand Opening despite my obvious interest in going.

Thankfully, friend of Pulse, April Killian, did attend and offered to share her thoughts.

April Says:
So I went to the grand opening of the Shipyard Market, Bakery, & Brew Pub located at 200 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL. This place is a definite must go! They managed to combine some of my favorite things in life into one fantastic location: beer, wine, bread, baked goods, great food, and shopping! Seriously?! Where else would you need to go on a Saturday, Sunday, Friday, forget it… or any day?!

Can you say big beer selection?!

The location in town is convenient to get to. Parking is a little scarce so be prepared for that battle but it is well worth the fight. The staff is uber-friendly and their brew-tastic knowledge is bordering on impressive. All staff members had to attend beer classes and school prior to the opening and they can tell you what ingredients were used, what foods the beer pairs well with, as well as the alcohol percentage.  PLUS they brew some beers on site and will be changing the draft selections out periodically so you will never tire of what they have on tap. Also, you can purchase a Shipyard large ceramic beer stein that you have to leave on-site (sad I know, but then you don’t have the risk of losing the thing nor do you have to wash it!). The price was $50 and you get a permanent discount on draft brews. Oh, and if you are tired of drinking beer (funny!) they have a fantastic home-made root beer on tap that I was practically begging them to throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream into.

Whoa, that's a big mug o' beer!

I think that will make it to the menu VERY soon. For now go for the beer and great local foods, do a little shopping for take home items, and be sure to try the root beer. I highly suggest that you make a point to visit this place if you have not done so already!

April’s details on the opening made it sound so much better than I could hope for, so I decided to check out Shipyard for myself this past week. Five days after their big grand opening, I saddled up to the bar for a beverage. A couple of things stood out to me … they were out of a few of their own draft beers; (Obviously they underestimated how much we drink in Winter Park!); everything on their menu sounded delicious (mostly sandwiches and salads) and each item had a locally inspired name;and parking is precarious even post-grand opening, on a Wednesday. Most memorably though, they served the Seadog Bluepaw draft with FRESH BLUEBERRIES! Nice touch!

So … have you been? We’d love to hear what you think. And, if you want to see more of April’s pictures, check out our Flickr page.

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