Orlando Thrill Park to Debut in 2013

I recently caught a story on OrlandoSentinel.com announcing a new theme park to debut in Central Florida in 2013. Perhaps this story is not news and I’m just getting around to catching-up? Anyway….

Said theme park is supposedly going to fill a void in the “Six Flags” park area, since the nearest one to our area is in Georgia. It will, of course, be located in the International Drive area, near to Universal Orlando Resort. Attractions will be something like this:

(Photo courtesy of OrlandoSentinel.com)


In my opinion, this park will be great for our local economy. It will, obviously, create some jobs (in a market with a huge unemployment rate), and will offer-up some new-and-exciting things for us Central Floridians to do!

What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Orlando Thrill Park to Debut in 2013

  1. It looks like a very good idea to me.

    Although Disney and Universal are very good as theme parks, neither of them really have enough for thrill seekers in my opinion. Adding something like this to the area could bring in those who would visit Busch Gardens if there were other attractions that appealed to them. Similarly, it might persuade me to visit Orlando again. (Harry Potter and Rip-Ride-Rocket are not a big enough draw in themselves for me)

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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