“Young Frankenstein” at Bob Carr

Earlier this year, Ashley & I saw “Spring Awakening” at Bob Carr and last night I had the chance to attend opening night of “Young Frankenstein” there.

I’ll admit, I’d never seen the Mel Brooks movie of the same name, but I was pretty amped to experience the musical adaptation. Let me say this, it did not disappoint!

The story follows Dr. Frankenstein (Fronkensteen), his helper Igor (Eye-gor) – with his “lovely Igor humps” – and his voluptuous “assistant” Inga as they attempt to bring the dead back to life … squishy brains and all.

Sometimes I find it incredibly hard to believe that quality productions like this one are available from Broadway Across America right in our own backyard. The talent was incredible, including leads Christopher Ryan, Cory English, former Rockette, Synthia Link, and Preston Truman Boyd. The set was gorgeous … except for the sometimes seizure-inducing strobe lights. And, the music and story line were clever as hell and current (hello, Black Eyed Peas “My Humps” reference).

So if you’re up for some belly laughs and innuendo, head on over to the Carr Performing Arts Centre before December 5 to catch “Young Frankenstein” for yourself. Tickets can be purchased here.

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