Central Florida Thrifting (Part II)

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This is a guest post from our friend Veronique Conus, continued from “Part I”.

Similar to Dechoes is Etoile, a cute vintage boutique on the outskirts of downtown O-town. They are a bit pricey, as well, and more of a resell shop than a thrift shop, but they do have some great finds if you’ve got the moolah. Best of all, they have an Etsy shop set up, so you can snag stuff online withing having to make the trip, like this darling 60’s glasses case for $15. But I mean, come on, you might as well get down there and see all the cool stuff they have, or at least keep up with new items via their blog! Etoile (which means ‘star’ in French) is located here: 2424 E Robinson St.

There’s also Orlando Vintage, on Fairbanks in Winter Park. They are DEFINITELY the priciest place I’ve seen. However, I have found some excellent quality vintage mens shirts for like $15. They are also a rental place, so if you want to get some retro outfits for one night, you can rent them here! They have an online store, too. Fun fact: Orlando Vintage is actually one of the stores used to furnish the outfits on Bravo’s hit TV series MadMen. Seriously!

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Oh, also check out Other People’s Property, a vintage clothing shop on Orange (3222 North Orange Avenue). They are too rich for my wallet, but their Etsy shop gives you a glimpse of their awesome items.

Enough about clothes. There’s more to life than clothes! I buy a lot of boardgames and furniture and always end up finding what I want in one of 2 places: Thriftko (Semoran/Howell Branch plaza, but moved to Mills), or the Community Thrift store on Edgewater Drive, beyond College Park.


Got that 50’s kitchen, stepstool for $5 at Flo’s! The handmixer was $3, the glass sundae cups were .69 cents and the records were $1 each at Deja Vu on Orange Avenue.

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  1. Great list – I’ll have to check these places out. As an aside, I just cleaned out my gramma’s storage and found 3 of those handmixers plus a slew of other 70s-era kitchen tools. My roommate is already talking about how to display them. LOL

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