The Cassadega Experience

The Community

If you’re up for new adventures, you might want to consider setting aside an afternoon and head to Cassadega. A 115-year-old Community just east of Sanford toward Daytona Beach, Cassadega is a spiritualist camp that offers consultations, services, education and tours.



The Tour

Some friends and I actually went this past weekend, and we decided to try a Nighttime Orb Photography Tour! Yes, you heard that correctly! And you’re probably thinking this is a silly thing, but wait ’til you see some of the images I captured. First, here’s a little background on the tour:


P1050622 P1050609 P1050569 P1050636 P1050618

You can view all of the photos captured on the Nighttime Orb Photography Tour on our Flickr profile.

Have some questions about the Community of Cassadega, and want to know a little more before paying a visit? Check-out the FAQs section of their website.

Location deets:

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