The Cassadega Experience

The Community

If you’re up for new adventures, you might want to consider setting aside an afternoon and head to Cassadega. A 115-year-old Community just east of Sanford toward Daytona Beach, Cassadega is a spiritualist camp that offers consultations, services, education and tours.


The Tour

Some friends and I actually went this past weekend, and we decided to try a Nighttime Orb Photography Tour! Yes, you heard that correctly! And you’re probably thinking this is a silly thing, but wait ’til you see some of the images I captured. First, here’s a little background on the tour:


You can view all of the photos captured on the Nighttime Orb Photography Tour on our Flickr profile.

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Have some questions about the Community of Cassadega, and want to know a little more before paying a visit? Check-out the FAQs section of their website.

Location deets:

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