Daytona 500 Experience is Closing

***Editing my original post here to share that, sadly, the Daytona 500 Experience is closing due to the sluggish economy. Sigh. Another victim of the recession.***

I’m not a NASCAR fan … which is probably pretty hard to believe since I was born in N.C. (NASCAR Country a.k.a. North Carolina), but I was pretty excited when I was recently given a couple of tickets to the Daytona International Speedway‘s Daytona 500 Experience. It just seemed like an opportunity to explore another part of Central Florida and experience something I’d never normally do.

The Daytona 500 Experience is considered “The Official Attraction of NASCAR” and once you’ve been, you’ll understand. There’s plenty to see from the “NASCAR 3-D” IMAX movie to all the cool race-related memorabilia displayed throughout.

Oooh, fancy. Close enough to touch. Almost.

Lucky for us, our tickets were VIP Hot Pass tickets which meant that we’d spend the next two hours touring the track aboard an air-conditioned motor coach. Our tour guides for the day, Ron & Terry, knew everything there is to know about the Speedway, including fun facts like this is the first time the track is being completely re-paved with the asphalt removed entirely or that the track isn’t oval-shaped it’s really a tri-oval.

We also got to explore many parts of the Speedway most people probably never get to see like Victory Lane, the 500 Club, the Driver Meeting Room and views from President’s Row.

Sweet view from President's Row (a.k.a., where the money sits)

Overall, I thought the Tour was incredibly cool, so I can imagine how great it’d be if you were really into NASCAR. Tickets range from $24.99 to $55, and only the VIP Hot Pass requires a reservation. More ticket info here.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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