“Amazing Race” Producers Host Casting Call in Orlando for New Reality Show

“Focus Rally: America” to Take Contestants Across America

Producers from the hit CBS Show “Amazing Race” are at it again, with a new road rally show called “Focus Rally: America”. And that name makes perfect since because it will be sponsored by Ford!

Why are we promoting said show here on our blog, you ask? Well, Producers are actually heading to Central Florida next week to search for contestants…and Kim & I will be among them! Open auditions for ONE NIGHT ONLY will take place at Urban Flats in downtown Orlando, from 5pm-8pm, Wednesday, October 20th.

Interested but not sure what you might be getting yourself into? Here are some deets:


Show Info:
Six (6) teams of two competing in challenges across the United States for the chance to win a GRAND PRIZE OF $100,000. (Uh…yes, please!)


Contestant Requirements:

  • Internet connected with a LARGE following of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Youtube (hey…that’s us, for sure!)
  • 23 – 40 years old making approximately $30,000 – $100,000 per year (yes!)
  • Athletic or non athletic acceptable (maybe somewhere in the middle?)


Major Plus to be considered, but not required:

  • Bring 2-3 people you want producers to consider as your teammate
  • Potential teammates MUST meet the contestant requirements
  • Outgoing & Opinionated a MAJOR PLUS

If you’re interested, take a shot! You’ll have to beat-us-out though!

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