FroYo Identity Crisis?

Yogurtland, Menchies, Mochi, Gurtzberry, Utopit … there are sooooo many Frozen Yogurt shops in Orlando, I find it perplexing that the one in my neighborhood is on its third name (ownership?) change in two years.

I was pretty psyched when CeFiore first popped up in 2008, then it closed and later reopened. Before long, it closed again and became Utopit … now, it’s seemingly changed … again.

WelcomeΒ to the neighborhood, delish, now won’t you stop by Pulse and let us know what the deal is?

Clever sign ... you got me on the whole 'frogen yozurt' thing.

5 thoughts on “FroYo Identity Crisis?

  1. Hi Guys, Kitzzy is correct on the name change but i feel i should give a little info…. We bought Cefiore when the orignal owner decided to close the doors, (for two weeks) Then with all the self serve stores popping up we thought it would be great to expand into self serve (Utopit came about) and carry some of the great Cefiore flavors plus in addition to the tarts we also carry sweet non fat and low fat flavors. Then with trade mark issues we are now Delish that name will stick around now for good. Thanks for noticing the Frogen Yozurt (something to talk about).

  2. Thanks for the Intel, Kitzzy.

    Neat idea for Commute Orlando — I’m a big fan of cycling so I will definitely share the love about what you guys are doing.

  3. We went on a night ride with the one in Baldwin Park as our destination and noticed the name change. The owner approached us to see what the brought on the surge in business (there were about 2 dozen of us) and told us they had to change their name because there is another UtopIt in California that holds the copyright.

    PS – would you mind doing a post about the Central Florida Bike Bus sometime? Check out http://commuteorlando.com/bikebus/ for more details and feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

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