Dollar Tree Coming to College Park

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Ever since Long’s Christian Bookstore moved out of its digs in College Park, I’ve been dreaming of what might fill the space. A Trader Joe’s or something similar seemed like a logical fit. So I can’t say I was excited when I noticed the other day that construction was well under way for the new tenants: Dollar Tree.

While I can’t argue that a Dollar Tree is better than an empty store front, I was hoping for something with a little more excitement.

Not sure when it’ll be open, but if you’re a fan of the “everything’s a $1” concept, keep your eyes peeled for their newest location at 1610 Edgewater Drive in Orlando.

3 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Coming to College Park

  1. I can’t say I was all that excited to see a dollar store move into the neighborhood but the team working at the College Park Store is ever so friendly and service oriented. It might not be a bad thing they have established themselves in the heart of our beautiful little town, remember when there was a dime store in every town? They are off to a good start if you ask me.

  2. First the Wal-Mart, now a Dollar Tree (and a Big Lots up the road a bit). College Park just needs an Aldis and it’ll be the discount mecca of Orlando, lol. Is that a good thing? P.S. I keep hoping they’ll put the KMart on 17-92 and Lee out of its misery and install a Target there instead. *fingers crossed!*

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