Interpol Rocks House of Blues

Last night’s Interpol show at House of Blues was stellar.

A month shy of three years since Interpol played to an Orlando crowd, I was really surprised that the show wasn’t a sell out. Nonetheless, the house was packed.

Since their last trip to town, the band’s lineup has had some pretty significant changes … Carlos D, the band’s bassist is now their former bassist and they’ve added a new keyboardist. Even with the changes, the band’s sound is as good as it’s ever been–maybe better.

Interpol's Paul Banks (Lead Vocals)

The setlist included a healthy mix of old and new including the crowd favorite “Rest My Chemistry.” Β Overall, it was a great 75-minute set.

On a side note, I was not a fan of the show opener, Twin Tigers. I think their performance would’ve been bearable had every song been an instrumental, but alas, that wasn’t the case. Maybe next time, guys.

One thought on “Interpol Rocks House of Blues

  1. It was a bummer hearing about Carlos D leaving but really there’s some great potential if the band chooses to keep Pajo and Curtis as full-time members. I’m not familiar with the work of Pajo or Slint but judging by the Secret Machines’ earlier work, Curtis could bring an interesting dynamic to a once hypnotic but currently stagnant-sounding band.

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