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greens&grilleWe all know I love to eat. I’m always talking about it lots here on the blog. I just love, love, love [good] food. So when a friend invited me to join her for lunch this past weekend, I jumped at the chance of going somewhere new. Well, new to me….

Enter Greens & Grille. This quick-food eatery truly is a standout in our world of fast food restaurants. They offer salads (using organic greens), sandwiches, soups, and some amazing side dishes (just wait ’til you view the pics below).

The Green’s and Grille mission is to provide a great dining experience by serving top quality food made from the freshest ingredients in an urban-casual setting.”

With two locations in the Central Florida area (Millenia and the UCF area), this food is pretty darn good. And affordable, too! I visited the Millenia location, and although it was a late Saturday afternoon – the place was buzzin’!


If you’re questioning it, yes…that’s fried macaroni & cheese up above. And it was ah-may-zing. The dish was made with Penne pasta versus what you would typically find packaged in the store, or at other restaurants. I’m actually still thinking about it now.

INSIGHT: Nobody actually told us, but when you’re paying for your food you should note the sign that reads “all beer and wine is 2-for-1 all day, every day“. So yup – two glasses of wine at lunch!

Have you paid a visit to either Greens & Grille location? How was it?

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    1. Couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said! The one thing I can’t believe is that I’ve only just now discovered this awesomeness!

      P.S. Do you know if they also own The Ravenous Pig? I noticed some signage by the register, promoting that restaurant.

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