Yoga: Take Your Asana Outside Central Florida!

Given mine and Kim’s recent new experiences with Yoga (see here and here), it was a given for us to promote this upcoming event at Lake Eola. Orlando Power Yoga is partnering-up with Orlando, for a national event hosted by lululemon athletica stores. The goal: to get 25k yoga enthusiasts across the country to practice yoga at the same time!

Unfortunately I’ll be out-of-town so I won’t be able to attend the event (big bummer), but if any of our readers end-up going we’d love to hear about it. You can get more information about the event on Orlando Power Yoga’s website, and there’s no need to sign-up or register – simply show-up on Saturday morning!


Place: Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando
Time: 9:00am-10:00am

4 thoughts on “Yoga: Take Your Asana Outside Central Florida!

  1. I just got back into my Ashtanga groove with Mysore classes at The Yoga Shala in Winter Park… OMG you would LOOOOOVE! (not group led, very individual and uber authentic – and no i don’t get paid to say that :D)

    1. That’s good to know! Orlando Power Yoga is our first venture into the yoga space, but we’re open to trying other places, for sure! Thanks for the reco.

      Are you planning on going to the event this weekend?

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