Yoga: Take Your Asana Outside Central Florida!

Given mine and Kim’s recent new experiences with Yoga (see here and here), it was a given for us to promote this upcoming event at Lake Eola. Orlando Power Yoga is partnering-up with Orlando, for a national event hosted by lululemon athletica stores. The goal: to get 25k yoga enthusiasts across the country to practice yoga at the same time!

Unfortunately I’ll be out-of-town so I won’t be able to attend the event (big bummer), but if any of our readers end-up going we’d love to hear about it. You can get more information about the event on Orlando Power Yoga’s website, and there’s no need to sign-up or register – simply show-up on Saturday morning!


Place: Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando
Time: 9:00am-10:00am



  1. I just got back into my Ashtanga groove with Mysore classes at The Yoga Shala in Winter Park… OMG you would LOOOOOVE! (not group led, very individual and uber authentic – and no i don’t get paid to say that :D)

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