Find Your Core at Orlando Power Yoga

Week-before-last we wrote about Orlando Power Yoga, a great little yoga shop near Orlando’s Executive Airport. Well, since then Kim and I both had the opportunity to go experience a session, of which we found out shortly before that all of the classes are “hot” yoga!

Ashley’s Take:

My experience, personally, was one of the most mentally challenging I’ve ever had. Truly. An hour-and-a-half of nearly 100 degree yoga is a tough, albeit rewarding thing. Candidly, I had my reservations going into my session, and I’d by lying if I said there wasn’t a time or two during the class I contemplated giving up, but when all was said-and-done I realized what a powerful experience I’d had. My mind, body, and soul all felt amazing, and I’m eager to take another stab at “hot” yoga.

I’m thinking more than once a week might be a bit much for me at this point, so perhaps once a week or even bi-weekly. If you’re interested in trying things out for yourself, check-out Orlando Power Yoga’s pricing options.

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Here’s a little video I made immediately following my session:


Kim’s Take:

When Ashley first mentioned Yoga to me, I thought “why not?” How hard could it be? Coincidentally, another one of our mutual friends also bragged about the awesome folks over at Orlando Power Yoga. That was it, I was convinced.

I’d never done any serious Yoga before and had no idea what to expect from “hot yoga” … to say it was intense is probably the understatement of the century. Not only is it physically tough, it’s a mental workout, too.

I can’t recall a time when I’ve sweat as much as I did at Orlando Power Yoga, but I also felt like I’d accomplished something worth trying again.

So, if you’re a Yoga Newbie, give these gals a try. But, be sure to bring a towel (or two) and a big bottle of water … you’re gonna need it!

*Edited to add: My favorite takeaway from my Orlando Power Yoga experience was our instructor’s insistence that we know the difference between the ‘no where’ and ‘now here’ … see how they’re the same, but oh so different? Love that.

4 thoughts on “Find Your Core at Orlando Power Yoga

  1. Glad I was able to be there for both of your first experiences! Even more excited that you both now understand why I love it so much!

    You are up next Colleen! Don’t fight it, its inevitable! πŸ™‚

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