What’s Your Beef? in Downtown Orlando

Since I both live and work in the downtown Orlando area, I must admit it is sometimes a challenge to find new-and-interesting things to do and places to go (yes, I know I need to expand my distance reach out more). Particularly when it comes to eating; I love to eat. I’ve been eyeing What’s Your Beef? on Washington Street for some time now, and finally made it over to see what they’ve got going on with their menu.

What's Your Beef? Menu

The interior is quaint and clean (a big thing in my book), and the staff are incredibly friendly.
What's Your Beef? Inside
I’ve been on a mild health kick as of late, so although there are many delicious things featured on the menu (they specialize in hot dogs, hot sandwiches, and italian beef), I opted for a chef salad. And I was very pleased to see the salad featured “healthy” lettuce versus plain old iceburg. Honestly, I can say this is one of the best salads I’ve had…in the downtown Orlando area, at least.

What's Your Beef? Chef Salad

My friend that I was with opted for a pressed Ham & Cheese sandwich, and said it was quite tasty.
What's Your Beef? Ham & Cheese Sandwich

All-in-all I have to give What’s Your Beef? two thumbs up. Definitely worth a repeat trip…to try something different on the menu.

Location deets:

40 West Washington Street
Orlando, FL 32801

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Beef? in Downtown Orlando

  1. My husband and I tried to eat there recently, but I think they’re only open during the week or maybe only for lunch? Not exactly in the realm of healthfood, but as far as delicious beefy sandwiches, you could try Italian Beefstro, on SR50 just west of Edgewater. Soooo delicious!

    1. I tried to find their hours of operation prior to posting, but couldn’t. Yeah – I believe they’re only open during the week, during lunch hours. Although…they’d be smart to open later at night, to catch the downtown weekend crowds.

      Thanks for the comment, and for the reco on Italian Beefstro (fun name) – we’ll have to check-it-out!

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