Cool Off This Summer with Honest Tea

Brink Magazine has been good to us. So when Kyle, Brink Editor-in-Chief & Founder, told us he also works with Honest Tea and asked us if we’d like a sample we said, “Heck ya!” I’ll be honest, when he said he would drop off said samples to me at work I was expecting a box of tea bags, so you can imagine my surprise when this is what I found:

Honest Tea Samples
My Favorite: Pomegranite Blue

After having given the Honest Ade (the tea version) a try, I’m pleased to say I’ve found a new way to beat this stinkin’ Central Florida heat! I highly recommend it!

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If you want more info on organic tea then be sure to check-out the Honest Tea website: http://www.honesttea.com/. To purchase simply pay a visit to your local Publix or CVS.

NOTE: While we did receive free samples of this product we were not asked to endorse it in return. We are simply promoting this product because we like it and enjoy the taste.

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