Mi Tomatina Paella Bar

We recently had the opportunity to check out Mi Tomatina Paella Bar for dinner. In all honesty, it wasn’t our first choice, but from the street the atmosphere was too inviting to pass up.

Mi Tomatina, named after the “fun-filled tomato festival La Tomatina in Spain,” is a small, but cozy tapas & paella restaurant in Winter Park’s highly coveted Hannibal Square.

Since they seemed to be known for their paella, we figured that was a good option for our meal. We were told up-front that their paella takes about 30 minutes to prepare/cook, so we weren’t surprised when it took a while for the food to arrive. The verdict? Overcooked paella. I’m sure it’s more authentic the way it was served with its chicken in the form of drumettes and shrimp WITH THE HEAD ON … but I prefer not to see the eyes of the shrimp when it’s on the way to my tummy.

I give Mi Tomatina a thumbs-up for atmosphere and friendly service, but I thought the paella was no es bueno.

Mi Tomatina
433 West New England Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

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