Eola Wine Company

Like wine & cheese? Of course you do, that’s a silly question.

Chances are if you’ve driven through the downtown Orlando/Thornton Park neighborhood, or down Park Avenue in Winter Park, you’ve caught a glance of Eola Wine Company.
Eola Wine Company
Eola Wine Company in either location is a fantastic place to unwind after a busy week, take out-of-towners to a fun local neighborhood spot, or simply to enjoy a wonderful glass of wine or beer.

The downtown Orlando location is a bit tiny, but there is outdoor seating that’s perfect when it’s not quite so hot outside…or raining!
Eola Wine Company
Eola Wine CompanyEola Wine Company

In addition to wine and beer, Eola Wine Company also has a limited food selection, including an awesome cheese & fruit tray. You might wanna consider one of these items if you plan on drinking lots!

Oh, one important thing to note: The wine is all available to purchase! So if you pick out something you really like and want to take it home to enjoy…it’s all yours!

Location deets:

Downtown Orlando:
500 East Central Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32801

Winter Park/Park Avenue:
136 South Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

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