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Hamburger Mary'sI only recently discovered the unique goodness that is Hamburger Mary’s Orlando. Yes…another downtown Orlando eatery. A couple of things to note right off: 1) This is not necessarily the place to go if you’re looking to eat healthy (although there are salads on the menu) and 2) this establishment is very gay-friendly (I mean, it is called Hamburger Mary’s!).

One inside, customers see the spacious dining room allows for many guests, and if you’re lucky you get sat at a table promoting Mary’s new ta-tas (delicious tater tots). The extensive menu provides lots to choose from. Before getting the main dish I ordered fried green beans (told you – not the place to eat healthy) for our table to share. And can I say they are YUM (I’ll try anything fried at least once).

After making our way through the fried green beans (with a tad of guilt) I received my main dish: pot roast with fresh vegetables and mashed taters with gravy. Here are some photos of the food and the interior dining room:

Hamburger Mary'sHamburger Mary'sHamburger Mary'sHamburger Mary'sHamburger Mary'sHamburger Mary's

One of the funnest experiences about Mary’s is getting the check. Yes…the check arrives in a small red high-heeled shoe (photo above).

In addition to the food Hamburger Mary’s also has several events throughout the week: trivia, bingo, brunch, and cabaret shows. You can find out more about these special events here.

As with many of the other eateries we cover here on the site, you can check-out the Hamburger Mary’s menu before heading over to eat there.

Location deets:

110 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801

5 thoughts on “Hamburger Mary’s Orlando

  1. i went here a year or two ago and it was amazing! The workers were so funny and they way the gave you your recipet was so cute! the deserts were delicious i recommend the fried twinkies(:

  2. Just went here for lunch and it was FAB-u-lous. The only thing weird was the soft core erotica themed ♪♫♫♪♫ videos they were playing on the giant tvs…

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