Jade Bistro in College Park

Jade Bistro in College ParkThere are many “gems,” as far as restaurants are concerned, to eat at in College Park. One that’s been a staple for years-and-years, particularly for those who enjoy eating sushi, is Jade Bistro Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar.

Situated on Edgewater Drive just north of Princeton Street, and just one block away from Harmoni, Jade Bistro is always consistent (in terms of quality of food) and rarely has a wait – there’s a huge dining room as well as a sushi bar. They also offer take-out for those in a hurry, and delivery (within a certain distance and a minimum spend) for those who don’t even want to leave their house.

Jade Bistro in College Park

I only recently tried sushi for the first time, so I cannot really speak on “how good the sushi is here” but everything I’ve ever ordered at Jade over the years has been yummy! On this trip I ordered a salad, spring rolls, and Sesame Chicken (that’s my friend’s dish of Orange Chicken). Mmmm….

Jade Bistro in College ParkJade Bistro in College Park
Jade Bistro in College ParkJade Bistro in College Park

If you’re thinking about paying a visit to Jade Bistro but aren’t sure if you’ll find something you like, you can check-out their menu beforehand. Would be the perfect place for a Friday night date!

Location details:

2425 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804


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