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AKEOrlando and I stopped into Crave Saturday for a little lunch before heading out for a day of shopping. Let me start by saying the service was spectacular. We chose to sit in the bar area assuming it’d be a little more laid back, and were pleasantly surprised to learn they were showing the World Cup match.

First, we ordered a couple beers, but never having tried one of their selections, our waiter was kind enough to give us samples. I chose the Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat, which was served ice cold. (Delish)

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat

Crave has an amazing menu including sushi, burgers, pizza and flatbread and tons of other stuff. I am happy to report the Turkey Burger I had was phe-nom-e-nal. Seriously. Best. Turkey Burger. Ever. I’m told that the Sushi was pretty awesome, too.

Turkey Burger

We’re not foodies, so if you’re looking for a Scott Joseph-esque review, it’s not here, but what we can tell you is the food was good, the service was great, and the atmosphere was upscale, but relaxed. I’d definitely go back.

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