Help Shape the Community with Urban ReThink

For anyone who’s frequented the downtown Orlando/Thornton Park neighborhood over the past few years you likely have an awareness of Urban Think! Bookstore, whether as a patron or simply a passerby. You’re probably also aware that gem of a neighborhood venue shut down earlier this year after facing economic challenges.

In the wake of its closing, the Urban Think! Foundation was created, and now they’re giving you–Central Florida residents and Urban Think! lovers–a chance to help determine what this new “creative center space” is going to be. The ultimate goal is to help serve the needs of the Central Florida creative Community, and provide them with space and tools to be more successful at their job(s).

This is community-input at its core, so take the time to provide your feedback at the Urban ReThink website. All you have to do is take a short survey.

You can find more information about all this at http://www.urbanrethink.com.

Thanks to our good buddy for making us aware of this project!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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