Learn to Row with the Orlando Rowing Club

Okay, I’ll admit it. When I first thought about “rowing” I didn’t think there was much to learn. Of course, I was also thinking about rowing in terms of one of these:

Or, maybe even one of these:

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It didn’t even occur to me how much there would be to learn to row in one of these:

But, I’m now venturing into Week 2 of the Orlando Rowing Club’s Learn to Row program, and trust me … there is A LOT to learn.

ORC’s Coach Mike Vertullo doesn’t mess around. He’s been teaching this stuff for 18 years, and it shows. He’s also coach of Women’s crew over at Winter Park High School.

The Learn to Row program runs for 4 weeks, Monday through Thursday nights from 6-8 pm … but don’t let that scare you … it’s an awesome workout that will surely break up any dull gym routine. Covering the basics of the stroke, plus everything you need to know to get by, the novice rowing program is an awesome starting point for anyone interested in learning the sport.

Next round of classes begins July 19th! I’ll check back in at Week 4 with an update on my muscle mass (ha!) and rowing ability.

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