People Pulse *Special Edition*: Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks Returns to Orlando June 23!

Jordin Sparks has embarked on her first solo tour and we’re super-excited to have had the opportunity to interview her for a very special edition of our People Pulse feature!

Q:   First, belated congratulations for winning Idol, and for the massive success of your first two albums. How has it been being out on tour as the main act and not the opener?

Jordin:  Thank you! It’s been so much fun! Being able to headline is a lot different than opening. Instead of warming up the crowd, I’m the main act. Instead of having 15-20 minutes on stage I have an hour. Instead of five songs I sing 15-17. I’m still getting used to having opening acts myself. Kate and Days Difference are super sweet and very talented. It’s a lot more to handle, I’ll tell you that!

Q:  We’ve read the awesome news about your upcoming Broadway debut. What do you think has prepared you for it more, Idol or touring?

Jordin:  Well I think all of it together, plus the time I spent in drama club and community theatre. I’m excited for a whole new experience in not only in my career, but in life as well. I ’ll be on my own for the first time when I head to NY. I’m so ready! 🙂

Q:  Do you ever feel like you’re competing against other successful Idol alums like Clay, Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson who’ve already made their Broadway debut?

Jordin:  No, it’s never been about competing against others in the industry. For me, it’s always been about topping myself. Plus, we all will have had different parts and characters to play. I’ve met them and they all are super talented people.

Q:  You’ve managed to do something so few artists your age can claim by staying out of negative headlines, what do you attribute that to?

Jordin:  I’m not sure. I guess it’s just because I would much rather stay in and read a book than have to get all dressed up and go out. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance and have a good time but it’s usually just once in a while.

Q:  Speaking of headlines, two of Florida’s main highways were just ranked as some of the deadliest, so the fact that you’ve teamed up for the “X the TXT” campaign is particularly valuable to our community. How do you think you can keep this message out front after the tour is over?

Jordin:   I’m hoping that those who have taken the pledge will tell their friends and family and that they will do the same and tell others. It’s definitely a habit, so people have to be conscious that they are not paying attention to the road. But I’m going to do my best to keep talking about it. I was in a car [with a driver] who was taking me to the airport before the tour and he was texting! I told him, ‘can you please not do that?’ I don’t know if he’ll keep doing it, but all it takes is someone to speak up and make the driver realize they are risking not only their life, but the lives of those in the car with them.

Q:   We’re HUGE music lovers here at PulseofCentralFlorida.com, what’s on your iPod?

Jordin:   Oh man, everything ranging from Jason Derulo to P!nk to Michael Jackson to The Beatles to Nat King Cole to Christina to Mariah to Jonas Brothers and my stuff.

Q:   The last time you performed in Orlando, you were at Universal. Have you had time to explore the city at all or visit any of the other parks?

Jordin:  Well I’ve been to Disney World multiple times, once for the excitement and to chill and the other time to open the American Idol Experience. It was so much fun!

Tickets are still available for Jordin’s show at House of Blues June 23. We hope to see some of our readers there!

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