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Last month, a friend of mine shared a link to a Facebook page for J’s Everyday Fashion Blog. And, although I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion junkie, something about what I was seeing was unique. “J” had an obvious eye for fashion and she did something even cooler … she posted photos and broke each outfit down piece-by-piece complete with store & price so you could find it, too. Oftentimes, she went a step further and included a link or mentioned that an item was available now.

Feedback to the page has been overwhelming and “J” a.k.a. Jeanette recently launched her own blog. I thought it would be fun to feature her, since she’s clearly well on her way to fashion icon status.

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Q: Our favorite way to start off is with a little-known fact about who we’re highlighting. Tell us something about you!

I wasn’t always fashionable. I went through a skater phase, a tomboy phase and I wore nothing but sneakers until college. No one in my family is really interested in fashion, so I basically taught myself by reading fashion magazines and a lot of trial-and-error over the past 7 years!

Well, we definitely think you’re onto something!

Q: You’ve only been in Central Florida for six months … where did you relocate from and what do you like best about the area so far?

My husband and I moved here from Boston. It’s cliché, but my favorite thing about Central Florida is the weather. Six months out of the year in Boston is spent dressing for survival. I’m very much enjoying the freedom of not having to wear boots and coats all the time. I feel much more creative here!

Q: I initially saw your Page on Facebook, but now you have an actual blog hosted on blogspot. Congratulations on starting that—can you tell us what inspired you to start them?

About a month ago I started posting pictures of my outfits on Facebook for fun. A friend suggested that I start a dedicated fashion page. I was blown away by the response to the page! And I found that I really enjoyed helping people with their fashion questions and discussing outfits with girls on the site. That led to another friend suggesting that I expand to Blogspot and the rest, as they say, is history!

Q: Well, you are definitely a fashionista! Do you always dress so fashionable, or are there days when you just schlep around in a T-shirt and jeans?

I actually laugh sometimes when I’m walking the dog, thinking about what my readers would think if they saw me. My daily uniform for that is anything but fashionable. And I’m really lazy about doing my hair.

Q: One of my favorite things about your blog is that you find trends and show us how to mimic them. Are there some trends you just won’t wear?

I won’t wear clogs (don’t even get me started), ballet flats (unflattering to my big feet), tights (too uncomfortable) or leggings (maybe if I’m pregnant). I’m pretty much game for anything else.

Q: Orlando’s not really known as a high-fashion destination, but what are some of your favorite places to shop in town?

I’m still getting to know the area, but I like the Florida Mall for its endless selection and the H&M/Forever 21/Zara section. I also love hanging out on Park Ave but mostly just to window shop.

Q: Besides Fashion, what else interests you?

I have a full-time job in marketing, I just ran my first half marathon in March, I like trying new restaurants, I have an adorable dog and husband, and of course, I love to shop!

Q: Besides following your blog, what would you like to leave our readers with who aspire to be as fashionable as you? Any tips? Suggestions?

Have fun with clothes! It’s a fabulous way to express yourself. And it’s well worth the effort – because when you look great, you feel great too!

Check out Jeanette’s Blog: http://www.jseverydayfashion.blogspot.com/

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  1. Is nice to know a little more from you Jeanette, love your blog but I check your facebook page every day first thing in the morning while I’m drinking my cup of coffe, that way I get inspired of what I will be wearing for the day!

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