Imogen Heap at House of Blues

The Imogen Heap show at House of Blues was last week, and of course we were there!

Let me first say Imogen had a great stage set this tour, one that came complete with a live band! It was creative, and played well with the songs in her set-list. And I thought House of Blues would be a really great venue for this tour.

Unfortunately, something odd has happened to House of Blues. The audio was possibly the crappiest I’ve ever heard, and this was a major disappointment as I’ve seen many awesome shows at the venue. Those in my party quite agreed, and even mentioned that another recent show had the same quality of audio. Perhaps it was our location, which was up in the balcony (which, if that’s the case is really crappy because the folks who pay for seats in the louge pay much more than General Admission).

Regardless, I was able to catch a few photos with my phone (unlike all other shows at House of Blues guests were allowed to bring in cameras; would’ve been nice to know beforehand)…although the quality’s not that great:

Imogen Heap at House of Blues OrlandoImogen Heap at House of Blues Orlando

This is the second Imogen live performance klynn and I have been to, and we’re wondering what is it about the fans that come out to her shows? They just seem bored. We’re the kinda fans that like to sing along and dance, and enjoy the energy a live show brings! But it just seems to us other fans stand around and look like they’re lost. What gives?

At any rate, if you ever have the opportunity to see this awesome performer live you should definitely seize it. Let’s just hope if it’s at House of Blues they get their act together beforehand.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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