Broadway Across America’s Spring Awakening

A couple of weeks ago we held a contest giving away tickets to the Spring Awakening show at Bob Carr theatre. Well, we accompanied* our winner to the show Tuesday night and it was nothing short of amazing.

We were already looking forward to the music. We were fairly familiar with the storyline, but it’s safe to say we went with few expectations about what the experience would be. Good thing, because we were pretty much blown away.

One could say this show is the Rent of this generation (although–and we know many people would disagree–we think Spring’s music is better). The story touches on everything youth experiences while coming-of-age.

Of course, we we’re not able to take pictures during the live show, but here are a few snippets of some of the more memorable songs:

We wouldn’t suggest bringing young children to the show, unless you want them to get the Birds & the Bees talk a la Spring Awakening!

*Big thanks to Bob Carr Performing Arts Center for providing tickets for Pulse and our contest winners.

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