The Bistro on Park Avenue

The Bistro in Winter ParkFor as long as I’ve lived in Central Florida, I’m always very eager when someone introduces me to a bar or restaurant I’ve never been to…let alone heard of. Case-in-point: The Bistro on Park Avenue in Winter Park.

So I was super-excited when my friend invited me to dinner there recently. Right now, The Bistro* is one of the many restaurants taking part in the annual Orlandos Restaurant Week, which is one of the reasons we selected the venue.

The restaurant is located on North Park Avenue, tucked away from the bustling traffic of the street. I suppose in a way it feels like one is walking down a little street to a French Bistro.

Interested in maybe checking-out what The Bistro on Park Avenue has to offer? You can view their menu online before ever stepping foot outside your house.

So, off of Orlandos Restaurant Week menu, which offered three options of an appetizer, main course, and dessert, I chose the following:
The Bistro in Winter ParkThe Bistro in Winter ParkThe Bistro in Winter ParkThe Bistro in Winter Park

The menu also offered a glass of house wine with the $25 offer.

Everything offered on this special menu is also offered on the restaurant’s regular menu; there are pricier dishes, and more moderately priced dishes (sandwiches, etc.). I’ll be honest, my food was good, but I noticed the pot roast is regularly priced at $24, and if that’s what I had paid I would’ve been disappointed. I don’t mind splurging on food but at that price it’s got to be pretty outstanding. The chocolate mousse dessert–and my friend complies–was a little odd: the chocolate was delicious but the “wrap” it was in threw everything off.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the food, and was in great company. I would definitely go back to try another meal (perhaps the brunch), but I’m a firm believer in value for food, particularly as it’s directly related to the quality! You?

Have you ever been to The Bistro on Park Avenue? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Location & contact information:

348 North Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

* NOTE: There are a couple of eateries on Park Avenue called “bistro” so be sure to confirm with your party you’re going to the correct one.

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    1. I definitely love the atmosphere, especially the “porch” (I’m sure there’s a more appropriate word for it). I was there for dinner, so the “bright” factor didn’t really play….

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