Gringos Locos in Downtown Orlando

As both resident of and someone who works in downtown Orlando, I’m always happy when a new restaurant or store opens. And while I was certainly sad to see Season’s Harvest close its doors (it’s still open for catering) I was definitely excited to hear about the opening of a downtown Orlando Mexican restaurant (and something different than the so-so Pancheros and Tijuana Flats).

So, did I check-it-out? You betcha.

Gringos Locos in Downtown Orlando

Now first of all, I must mention that Gringos Locos is brand new. I definitely think they have a few kinks to work out in their operations, but I’m willing to give them some time. Service was pretty slow (food is made upon order) but my dish was worth the wait. The majority of my party was happy with their meals as well.

I enjoyed the “Gringo Enchiladas” (yummy green sauce, although one of my friends didn’t like it at all) along with delicious homemade rice & beans!

Gringos Locos in Downtown Orlando

The dining area needs a little “livening-up” but there is some interesting artwork–available for purchase–on display:

Gringos Locos in Downtown Orlando

Overall I was pretty happy with my new experience. Pricing at Gringo’s Locos was a bit high, in my opinion. But in general good experience. Am looking forward to returning once Gringos has gotten through all of its growing pains.

Have you been yet? We’d love to know what you thought.

6 thoughts on “Gringos Locos in Downtown Orlando

  1. Thanks for the article on Gringos! I have to say each time I go there is an amazing experience, from the food to the customer service and more. They have grown their social media by so many efforts and it has helped drive traffic into Gringos.

    They have something for everyone with their food, even if you want to be healthy! I look forward to them getting the parties and music going on inside 🙂

  2. I visited gringos upon hearing good things about it from several different people. I agree the service was a bit slow, but would rather eat fresh food than not, so yeah it was definately worth the wait. The people working there were very welcoming not to mention hilarious! I had the southeast chicken salad(on a diet) with a green salsa dressing that was out of this world. I am going to try the different tacos they offer next time I visit. They have a little work to do before it’s a tight run operation but I think they are pretty new to the game. As Arnold says, “Ill be back”

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