Mochi Frozen Yogurt Orlando

As we head into Spring and the warmer months, I’ve got a great way for you to beat the heat: Mochi Frozen Yogurt! This little place recently opened in downtown Orlando, in the same building as the Plaza Cinema Cafe. I went there this past week, and I can tell you Mochi’s is quite a treat!

The interior is very minimalistic:

Mochi Frozen Yogurt

So what’s so special about Mochi? Well, two very awesome things:

1. It’s cheap! At only $0.45 an ounce you control what your price. So go light on those delicious toppings if you’re looking to save some cash.
2. It’s fat free! I don’t think there’s anything else to mention here!

And like many of the downtown Orlando restaurants, bars, and clubs, Mochi can be found on Twitter as well. In fact, in doing so, you just might catch a special treat or discount:

Mochi Frozen Yogurt

One of the really “cool” things about the Mochi yogurt is every cup is under a certain amount of calories. And the flavors change on a daily basis, so every trip might be something new!

Mochi Frozen YogurtMochi Frozen Yogurt

So if you’re eating downtown, coming home from the bars, catching a movie, or just looking for something new to do in Orlando, pay Mochi Frozen Yogurt a visit…and figure out what your favorite flavor is!

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