Throwin’ Down at Retro Game Night

“You sank my Battleship!”
“Connect Four!”

These are just a few of the things you might’ve heard shouted-out if you visited Retro Game Night at the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown Orlando last night. Some friends and I decided to check-it-out, and I have to say we had a blast! Definitely well-worth the $5 admission fee.

Retro Game Night
Retro Game NightRetro Game Night
Retro Game Night

There were board games galore, old-school home video games, arcade games, and retro snacks! In addition to the games & snacks there was also a visit from some…ummm, friends.

Retro Game Night

You can view more photos of Retro Game Night in the slideshow below, or by visiting our Flickr profile.

For something different and affordable to do to kick-start your weekend, you should consider the next retro game night.

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