Retro Game Night at the History Center

Now this is right up my alley! Retro Game Night at the Orange County Regional History Center? Heck ya! At least I can feel like a kid again for just one night.

Retro Game Night at the History Center

This coming Friday night you can meet-up with friends–or make new ones–and play classics like Parcheesi, Pictionary, and Chinese Checkers, and even games like Clue, Battleship, Candy Land, Scrabble, Mystery Date, Twister, video games, and many more. Plus, if you’ve never visited the History Center it’s an opportunity for you to do so.

The games begin at 7pm and last through midnight. While there, you can enjoy free snacks as well as a cash bar (for adult beverages). Admission is free for center members; non-members pay $5 cash. The best part: “retro attire” is highly encouraged.

Will we see you there? For this and other upcoming events at the History Center click here.


65 East Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32801

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