Central Florida Vegans Take Note

Artichoke Red Vegan Market Opens on Ivanhoe Antique Row

If you’re a Vegan or prefer to be eco-conscious when you shop then you’ll definitely want to pop-in to Artichoke Red, a new market that just opened on Ivanhoe Antique Row, north of downtown Orlando.

If you visit the store you must pick-up a bottle of the Ginger Soda for about $1.50. It’s totally free of artificial flavoring and is pure deliciousness. While you’re enjoying your soda you can continue shopping for soaps, household cleaners, soy candles, chips and other snacks, and even vegan dog food!

Initially when I’d learned about Artichoke Red from the owner of Deja Vu, I’d hoped the market would be more of a grocery store versus a little convenience store, but all-in-all I love the concept and truly hope the local community brings the support needed to sustain business. If you decide to visit in the near future please keep in mind the store’s grand opening was merely two days ago – they will continue getting additional merchandise over the next few weeks.

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Store hours of operation fluctuate right now, just to let you know.

Artichoke Red is located:

1813 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804

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