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An Afternoon of Food & Wine

You might’ve caught my post a few days ago about the Food & Wine Fest in downtown Orlando at Lake Eola. I had the opportunity to go the event with some friends this past Saturday, and had a blast! Here are some photos I snapped to share: Now, while I did enjoy the festival and think it’s a great concept, my one big beef were the prices. Fortunately I pre-purchased my entry ticket so I paid $10 versus the $15 at-the-door; the individual vendor pricing was a bit absurd. On average, most of the booths charged $4-$6 for a tiny glass of wine or food sample. Now, I’m not cheap by any means, but I could’ve gone to one of the nearby restaurants and had a complete meal for cheaper.

Additionally, the majority of the vendors exhibiting were actually restaurants I already frequent. What would’ve been nice is if the vendors were local unknowns. Perhaps this will improve as the festival continues to grow over the next few years. Overall a fun time, and I think I’ll probably make it back when the festival returns in 2010. Did you attend the Food & Wine Fest in downtown Orlando? We’d love to get your thoughts, and hear about your experience.

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