Wekiva Island

This past weekend I spent a couple hours canoeing down the Wekiva River. About a mile down the river is Wekiva Island.

Wekiva Island is a pretty cool combination of what they call “river-banas,” or cabanas on the river, an outdoor bar called “The Tooting Otter” and a fire pit for when the weather cools down.

From the river’s edge, there’s nothing seemingly fancy about Wekiva Island, but it does seem like a great place to pull up the kayak or canoe and grab a drink or maybe a bite to eat.

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Canoes & Kayaks can be rented for a competitive $22/4-hour period, or $30/day (Renting at the Springs is $16 for a 2-hour rental).

Check out Wekiva Island’s Web site to learn more about their Green approach to fun … it’s definitely a unique twist on river activity!

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