The Bangles at Velvet Sessions

I’m not ashamed to admit The Bangles are one of my all-time favorite bands. Mostly because I had a major crush on lead singer Susanna Hoffs while growing up, but also because I thought “these chicks rock”! So needless to say I was super-stoked when I got a special invite via my e-mail to come see them play at Hard Rock Hotel’s “Velvet Sessions” in a few weeks.

The Bangles at Velvet Sessions
Never experienced Hard Rock Hotel’s “Velvet Sessions”? It’s a great opportunity to see some of your favorite bands up-close-and-personal, and it’s typically extremely affordable. (This particular concert is a little pricier than most because some of the proceeds are being donated to breast cancer research.)

A few tips if you’ve never been to the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal:

  • You’ll have to pay for parking
  • You might want to arrive early to avoid crowds
  • Consider giving yourself some time to look at some of the memorabilia in the hotel

Here are a couple of my favorite songs performed by The Bangles:



Hope to see you on the 24th! If you wanna keep-up with other bands making an appearance at Velvet Sessions you can become a Fan on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “The Bangles at Velvet Sessions

  1. @Jennifer Oohhh, I would’ve loved to have seen the Go-Gos. I’ve always had a huge crush on Belinda Carlisle.

    I’ve actually seen several good bands at the Velvet Sessions, but am really looking forward to this upcoming show!

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