Heading out? Leave the Car, Take an O-Cartz!

If you’ve been out and about in Downtown Orlando, there’s no doubt you’ve seen your share of Rickshaws. But now you can leave the car at home and give those bike taxis a break.

O-Cartz are pretty much oversized golf carts that seat up to six passengers, and even better than a standard pedicab, O-Cartz are covered … an essential feature for rainy nights in O-Town.

Check out the coverage map for Downtown:

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Rates for an O-Cartz ride are $4. For more info, check out their Web site or follow them on Twitter: @ocartz.

One thought on “Heading out? Leave the Car, Take an O-Cartz!

  1. @klynn You know every time I see these, I don’t give them a second thought. I suppose that’s because I live downtown. But how convenient for someone who stays out a bit too late and has had too much to drink?! Or maybe someone going to see a concert at Bob Carr or Amway and just not wanting to deal with parking?

    Great info! Thanks for posting.

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