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It’s been years-and-years since I’ve visited the Startdust Video and Coffee place near Winter Park and Baldwin Park (I know, blasphemy!). Actually, last time I was there it was primarily a video place/bar. But this morning I had a meeting at Stardust, and I think I might’ve found myself a new hangout.


First of all, let me say Stardust is not the most hoppin’ place early on a Saturday morning (see photos in the bottom of this post). I’m sure it picks-up a little mid-to-late morning. But it’s quaint, intimate atmosphere went exceptionally well with my jasmine green tea.


Here’s what you can expect when you step through the front doors of Startdust Video and Coffee (hopefully with more folks):


In addition to coffee & tea, Stardust offers:

  • Video rental
  • Food
  • Live music
  • Bar
  • Merchandise
  • Information on local happenings

If you’ve never been to Stardust or it’s been quite some time, I would highly recommend going very soon!

6 thoughts on “Stardust Video and Coffee

  1. Stardust is one of my favorite things about Orlando and one of the few genuinely unique places this city has. I’m surprised that it seems to be not that well known.

    A friend took me there when I’d only been in the city a few days and was terrified that I’d just moved somewhere where the only place to hang out was Downtown Disney.

    Since then, they’ve lost a lot of their arthouse video collection and turned into more of a bar/restaurant/third place hangout. Understandable as it’s far better for them to remain open as a hipster bar than be a closed-down hipster video rental place (thanks, Netflix).

    Went there for the first time in the evening the other day and was surprised how packed it was. They’re right next door to an art gallery (Bold Hype) which complements Stardust well.

  2. You should go on Wednesday nights, they have an open air market and live music. Sometimes companies come and dish out free samples of foods and drinks. Fun times!

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