Grab a Drink Under the Stars

Can’t come up with anything exciting to do this weekend? Or just looking to meet someone new? Why not pop-in on this month’s “Cocktails & Cosmos” at the Orlando Science Center?

I’ve always wanted to attend one of these functions and see just what they’re about – I suppose I’ve never truly made the effort. In any case, I’m sure I’ll get to one sooner or later. Here are details on tomorrow’s event:


Now I received this via e-mail, and the invite states “To RSVP for Cocktails & Cosmos, please click this email.” Well, I did that and nothing happened so if you’d like to attend and need to RSVP, I’d recommend visiting www.osc.org and click on the “Cocktails & Cosmos” link, or call 407.514.2000.

If any of our readers do end-up going please let us hear how your experience was.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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