Is All of Central Florida “Startin’ Somethin'”?

Friday afternoon I stopped by a local Best Buy here in Central Florida (yes…I still purchase actual CDs), and happened to pass by the Michael Jackson section. It was tore up, and not a single CD was remaining. I guess this is proof that the passing of MIchael Jackson has really struck a cord with the global community…and that Central Florida is really “startin’ somethin'”!


If you’re like me and you enjoy buying good ‘ole compact discs, click here to find the Central Florida Best Buy location nearest you.

5 thoughts on “Is All of Central Florida “Startin’ Somethin'”?

  1. also, sangrias is good tho the service is a bit off. they have happy hour specials on mondays and tuesdays i believe. drop by cavallari’s gourmet deli/meat market next door if youre in the area as well (they close at 7 tho). i think sangrias has flamenco guitar players there on some nights, call to be sure

  2. thanks for the comment!

    quiche is so easy to make, i almost felt embarrassed posting my recipe. when in doubt, add another egg and don’t stop baking until you can stick a knife and remove it dry.

    plus, quiche is so cheap, its fun to fuck around with the recipe.

    try ham, bacon, cheddar

    pineappe rum and goat cheese

    feta, olives and spinach

    do whatever you like! remember, when you make something with love that your friends really enjoy, it’s super impressive and it makes you feel great. plus, the true friends will swallow whatever shit you feed them as long as you pretend it’ll hurt your feelings if they don’t. 😉

    thanks for stopping by the blog!

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