A Walk-in Clinic Alternative: CVS Minute Clinic

We usually reserve this blog for events, restaurant reviews and other lighthearted stuff, but sometimes I find other unexciting things worth sharing.

This time, it’s the CVS Minute Clinic.Β  Maybe you noticed this logo the last time you ran into CVS to pick up a pack of gum and wondered what it was. I did too.


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After fighting a cold for the past two weeks, I finally decided some antibiotics were probably the only way to rid myself of the nasty bug. Not having a regular doctor, I thought I’d have to settle for a visit to Urgent Care (shudder the thought). Instead, I decided to stop into the Minute Clinic.

They chose a great name for this in-store Urgent Care replica … in less than 30 minutes I was seen by a nurse practitioner, diagnosed (Bronchitis, yuck!) and given prescriptions which conveniently were sent electronically to the store’s pharmacy just 50 yards away.

This is a brilliant strategy by CVS! They offer a service comparable (or better) than walk-in clinics, it’s faster, and they provide their pharmacy with a direct stream of patients.

For a complete list of prices, treatments and locations, visit their Web site: http://www.minuteclinic.com.

8 thoughts on “A Walk-in Clinic Alternative: CVS Minute Clinic

  1. Minute Clinics and other similar pharmacies are a critical component to improving health care delivery, moving lower value work from physicians to resources that are appropriately trained, but are a lower cost provider. This concept was well documented in Clay Christensen’s book, “Seeing What’s Next”. You can follow various developments in health care delivery and the health care debate at http://www.healthexpertease.org

  2. @Kristina, I think they did a great job. I mean, I think my symptoms were pretty standard and I think you have to use your best judgment when going to one of these doc in a box type places … it’s not meant for complex health issues. I’m a huge fan of Publix and I didn’t even know they offered a similar service!

  3. I really hope they do a better job than Publix, I LOVE Publix but their clinics are awful.

    The nurses were actually looking up symptoms in a book to diagnose a patient.

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