Pet Shop Boys in Concert

Talk About Music I’ve Grown Up With

I know you remember the Pet Shop Boys. Do they bring back memories for you? Well yes…they’re still around, and they’re coming to perform live for Central Florida in early September. Yet again at the fantastic House of Blues. And honestly I’ve always wanted to see them live but’ve never had the opportunity.

Remember this one?

It’s really a classic, and still as good today as it was back in the late ’80s.

Apparently they have a new album they’re promoting – it was released back in late March (hello, where’s the marketing?). I haven’t purchased it yet but here’s a video for a single called “Love Etc.” and it’s really friggin’ cool:

You can also hear other new music by visiting their website.

Interested in seeing the show on September 11th (hey…get crazy, it’s a Friday night)? Tickets go on sale tomorrow through Ticketmaster.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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